The Hum

            It was back.

That noise, that penetrating hum.

                                                  The dark pressed in from all sides, her sleep

                                                           addled mind unable to make sense of

                                      the familiar surroundings. She touched her fingertips to her

                           rapidly pulsing temples. Trying to shake the noise away; her ear drums

                   tickled with the distant drone. It wasn’t an ear-splitting noise, but persistent

                                                                                    and un-changing; enough to

                   make her head spin. It filled her mind and senses, the vibrations crowding into her lithe

         body; teeth chattering behind her lips. Lurching forward she pitched towards the window, ripping off a nail as she wrenched the catch open and flung it wide. Her questioning and wild    

           eyes lifted to the far-flung                 

                    landscape of Taos, she was desperate for an answer. It grew in volume, pushed into her            

                                                           psyche and crushed her senses.  Her breathing

                                   quickened with her pulse, chest thrusting in and out,

                                                 heaving with the strain. She was not mad, not mad, not mad,

                                                      not mad! Pushing her hands against the sill she searched the darkness,

                     trying to ignore the buzzing, the devil’s ringing. Pushing around and around and around

       and around in her mind. Changing in pitch, clanging and banging and moving and bashing and       

              sloshing and pushing and swirling about in her head. It was more than she could possibly take. Her eyes filled with tears of pain and frustration. She looked up, fixing the horizon with her   

                                      stare. In that 

                    gloom she saw a figure of white, a swirling night dress and dirty feet, straggled hair and    

                                                              the mirrored eyes of desperation.

                                                   Her breath caught in her throat.

They could hear it too.

She was not alone.