The Nobodies

Vampires everywhere. Check it out.

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We are the nobodies
Want to be somebody
We’re dead
We know just who we are
-Marilyn Manson, The Nobodies

Our final moments as the band known as Bloodstained passed by with an odd sobriety. Bloodstained, a name we’d earned because of the amount of bodies we left by the way side on our climb to power, should give you an idea of how crazy the last few years had been. Now we sat in a mansion in the rich part of London, surrounded by crazy comforts. Comforts I could never have dreamed of when I was alive.

This office belonged to Liz and she sad directly opposite myself, framed by a massive silver moon filling out the window to her back. Her elbows rested on the desk and her eyes were closed; she looked dangerously serene, but all of us in the group had seen first-hand how dangerous it…

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A Story of a Small Vampire, cont from Bar Brawl

Continuation of Bar Brawl by a reader of the original fiction. Check out their profile for more awesome things!

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EDIT: Adding a link here to the original Fiction that inspired this piece which is worth the few minutes it takes to read, although as a pre-warning the pieces are written in two different styles.


Silky tones of an olive skin woman came from the darkness of a nearby ally, she stepped deliberately out on the pavement, high heels clipping against the floor loudly. She wore a pencil skirt with matching blazer and a loose fitting blouse underneath. Her eyes were darkened even against her tan skin with heavy black eyeliner; her hair tied loosely into a ponytail with a single curl falling over her face.

Fear coursed through Mary’s body as she stood like a deer in the headlights, daughter soaked head to toe in the blood of a man twitching his last movements on the floor in front of her. Her bain stalled as this new…

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Raven’s Theoretical Construct of Potato Relaxation

A little something to ponder.

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Alarura looked down at Raven; her black pony tail shining in the brilliant daylight, breeze fondling it softly around her neck.

“Why are you peeling potatoes?”

Raven looked round calmly making eye contact with Alarura’s knees, before looking up to her face “Pardon?”

“You’re peeling potatoes, isn’t that the crews job?”

Raven smiled. “I like it”

Alarura gave her a confused look.

“What’d you mean you enjoy peeling potatoes?”

“Here” Raven passed her a knife and an unpeeled potato, she then raised her hand in front if her. A globe of water floated up from the bowl next to her, and stopped in the air just above the ground in front of Alarura. Raven’s eyes beginning to glow blue with that tell tale sign of magic.

Alarura looked skeptical but sat and took the two objects.

“You see” Raven began “a potato is simple.”

Alarura held the knife cack-handed and seemed not…

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You know you’re an English student when… (Part Two)

So tragically true.


1. Your local paper prints this.Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 13.40.06

“Me no know how to sudoku. Me forget how to maths.”

2. Hunger is the only thing that can get you to leave the library.

“Have you heard the news? The library is going to let us bring food in with us.”
“Oh god. I’m going to die there, aren’t I?”

3. You thought that guy/ girl in the library was Hot, with a majuscule.

“Baby, you’re just like the books in this library. I love checking you out.”

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I Heard it on the Grape Vine

Welcome to the Grape Vine! I am an English Undergraduate Student, studying at the University of Reading. The blogging sector has always been something that I am interested in and what better time to begin than now. I hope to be able to showcase some of my photography here and a little of my creative writing in conjunction with my generic perspectives on current events. Hopefully what I have to offer will be of some interest to you. Keep your eyes peeled.