The Littlest Vampire and The Kellyfish

The Littlest Vampire had gone for a swim in the sea. In the darkness that surrounded him the reflection of the moon on the soft, rippling waves shone like rays through the murky water. A slight breeze ruffled his hair and grabbed playfully at the edges of the cape he was still wearing.

He swayed in time with the gentle hum of the sea lapping up against the sands and kicked his feet back and forth, curling his toes in the wooshing waves.

Until, suddenly, something brushed past his leg. Something wet and slippery and soft. His eyes widened with surprise and he bent his head to look down into the dark, deep waters.

For a long time nothing stirred, the top of the water undisturbed until something caught his keen little vampire eyes. A little blur of white, and a pair of big round eyes blinked up at him with sparling curiosity.

The little vampire, stared in amazement.

“Hullo.” He mumbled. The creature smiled and bobbed further up out the water.

The Littlest Vampire’s eyes grew round as saucers; she was the most beautiful jellyfish he had ever seen. Stripes of bright purple streaked the top of her perfectly white head, her green eyes shone as bright as the deep seaweed. Her little tentacles, swirled delicately in the currents, glowing with a slight hint of blue.

“I’m The Littlest Vampire.” He said pointing to his chest with one white finger. The jellyfish seemed to smile and jumped a little in excitement.

“My name is Kellyfish!” She said, delightedly, bobbing up and down and twirling in the water.

The little vampire giggled as flecks of water splashed up into his face. “Will you be my friend, Kellyfish?” he asked, desperate to have a little friend to play with.

“Kellyfish loves vampires!” She exclaimed, doing a little back flip for good measure.

The Little Vampire grinned as wide as he could, showing off his little pointy teeth. For what seemed like hours they raced each through the waves, practiced their best underwater handstands and competed to see who could hold their breath the longest; being dead of course the little vampire always won.

After some time the Kellyfish seemed keen to be getting on her way; the freedom of the ocean enticing. The little vampire wanted to come too, he’d been having such fun he couldn’t stand for it to end. It wasn’t even nearing dawn yet and she didn’t seem to mind as he swam behind her, Further and further out into the sea they went until the shore just seemed to be a white spec on the horizon.

The Littlest Vampire dipped his head under the waves, taking in the sight of the fish and the coral waving about in the current. He bobbed along in time to their gentle sway. He followed the Kellyfish down and down and down and down into the blackness until the only thing he could see was her bright blue glow lighting the way. Until suddenly, a light shone out into the gloom.

As he swam closer and closer the shape of a giant castle appeared before him, all the windows were lit with a soft, golden light and gentle singing could be heard echoing across the chasm. Colourful fish swam around the structure and in and out of its little windows and doors. The Littlest Vampire gazed up at it in awe.

The castle was grand, but nothing compared to the mermaids that lived inside. Theirlong tails sparkled and shone in greens, blues, reds, pinks and yellows. His eyes, round as saucers could barely keep up with all the swirling colour as they all swam up to say hello.

They took his hands and swam with him through the great, green tangle of seaweed at the bottom of the ocean. The light from the moon poured in in great streaming strips that glowed through the foggy abyss. In front of him the Kellyfish wiggled and waved in the current, leading the way with her little blue glow.

They sang songs together and the mermaids showed him all the sights of the ocean. They taught him how to weave shells into their hair and how to tickle a bream until he sung.

As the moon began to wane in the sky the mermaids and the Kellyfish took the Little Vampire back to the beach. He hugged the little jellyfish tight and promised he’d return soon for more underwater adventures.

They waved goodbye to each other happy and contented. He watched as her little blue glow bobbed in the distance before disappearing quietly under the waves.

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