A Story of a Small Vampire, cont from Bar Brawl

Continuation of Bar Brawl by a reader of the original fiction. Check out their profile for more awesome things!

Alarura's Blog

EDIT: Adding a link here to the original Fiction that inspired this piece which is worth the few minutes it takes to read, although as a pre-warning the pieces are written in two different styles.



Silky tones of an olive skin woman came from the darkness of a nearby ally, she stepped deliberately out on the pavement, high heels clipping against the floor loudly. She wore a pencil skirt with matching blazer and a loose fitting blouse underneath. Her eyes were darkened even against her tan skin with heavy black eyeliner; her hair tied loosely into a ponytail with a single curl falling over her face.

Fear coursed through Mary’s body as she stood like a deer in the headlights, daughter soaked head to toe in the blood of a man twitching his last movements on the floor in front of her. Her bain stalled as this new…

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