Raven’s Theoretical Construct of Potato Relaxation

A little something to ponder.

Alarura's Blog

Alarura looked down at Raven; her black pony tail shining in the brilliant daylight, breeze fondling it softly around her neck.

“Why are you peeling potatoes?”

Raven looked round calmly making eye contact with Alarura’s knees, before looking up to her face “Pardon?”

“You’re peeling potatoes, isn’t that the crews job?”

Raven smiled. “I like it”

Alarura gave her a confused look.

“What’d you mean you enjoy peeling potatoes?”

“Here” Raven passed her a knife and an unpeeled potato, she then raised her hand in front if her. A globe of water floated up from the bowl next to her, and stopped in the air just above the ground in front of Alarura. Raven’s eyes beginning to glow blue with that tell tale sign of magic.

Alarura looked skeptical but sat and took the two objects.

“You see” Raven began “a potato is simple.”

Alarura held the knife cack-handed and seemed not…

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